h o r i z o n s

Teasing the left brain

The image has lost its value. In the past you might have had one person in the village who could draw a cow, so that was very special. Generations of painters represented reality until photography took over. Nowadays, there are so impossible much images, you have to struggle to avoid them. Images are randomly generated by file formats, filters and algorithms. A beautiful image is no longer special. You swiped it away for another one.

Yet I make images because that is the natural consequence of my specific human appearance. When creating images, I draw directly from the consciousness from which everything appears. It is a both transcendent and physical process. Only gradually does a little concept come into play. The moment my left hemisphere tries to make something out of it, I leave the plan. 

Drawings, paintings, watercolour, crayons, video on canvas and paper

Video & Sound projects


2015 – Beuningen: Villa Distelakker
2015 – Nijmegen: Jacobs Kapel
2018 – Venetië: Palazzo Ca’Zanardi
2018 – Nijmegen: Anamorfosa
2018 – Ubbergen: Notre Dame des Arts
2019 – Nijmegen: Warme Salon